If you are practicing any of martial art or combat sport, you need to have the right equipment. Equipment will make you safe and keep you from getting hurt. At the very start of your combat training, you are probably told to wrap your hand underneath gloves to keep your hands safe, but not many people do this in the right way.

Why do you need to wrap your hands?

why do you need to wrap your handsHand are the most used part of every martial art, this why there are first to get injured. They are first to get the strike and the crucial part of blocking the blow. In striking, the function of hands is to make harm to the “enemy”, usually by punching. The other way in which hand can take impact is thru blocking, which can be very powerful. Gloves can help you in protecting your hand, but there are not enough. This is why gloves are used with hand wraps. In this way, you can protect yourself, but also your opponent. Tight and secured hand wraps can protect you to hold in place every bone in your hand, and also reduce the pressure of the hit. There are professional wraps, and training wraps. The first one only occurs in fighting matches, and it is made from gauze and tape, applied by a trainer, or professional staff. Training wrap is something you do by yourself, before a training session.

What types of wrap are there?

There are few different variations, but most of them have a stretch to them, which means that they fit the hand much better and tighter. But some hand wraps are not so stretchy, but both types will keep your hands safe. The other important factor is the length. They usually come in two sizes, around three meters, and four to five meters. It is better to use longer one because it will give you better protection, and allows you to cover thumb and all fingers. Try them both and see what the best fit is for you. If you don’t have time to wrap your hand, a good solution is also inner gloves, but protection is not as good as hand wraps. When wrapping tries to cover your wrist, knuckles, thumb and between your fingers. After a while, you will become pro at this, and do it in no time. You need to do this every time for maximum protection and security, and most gym won’t let you box without them. If you are training MMA, you can also fit hand wraps underneath the gloves, even because they are a smaller size.

How will this keep you safe?

It will provide extra padding and protect the knuckles from impact, but also from smashing and separating together. It will also prevent breaking your fingers, and reduce unwanted movement in the thumb. Wrist wrap will keep the wrist straight and free from injuries. Hand wraps will help you to protect yourself, but no one is immune to injuries and accidents can happen.