Many people choose to train Kung Fu instead of karate because they consider it as a style that has more diversity. Some also do that because they saw several Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies.

And indeed, Kung Fu has more diversity when it comes to some movies over karate because there are dozens of Kung Fu fighting styles. But that isn’t the only reason why many prefer this fighting technique. Another reason for this is the use of various weapons in Kung Fu, and that is something that is non-existent in karate.

Training equipment every Kung Fu student should use

You have noticed Wooden Dummies in every major movie that features Kung Fu or other similar fighting techniques. The most known are the Wing Chun Dummies, and they have three arms, a leg and the body without any additions that are used as cushions. Other types of dummies have a different layout of arms and legs, and it all depends on the style the individual trains.

Many compare boxing bag and wooden models, and that is a mistake as they aren’t used in the same way. There isn’t anything wrong with using boxing bag in Kung Fu training sessions as it is used for attacking exercises. But, if you want to master a Kung Fu technique then you will have to use a wooden dummy. This piece of equipment is excellent for both striking and defense training that can be done at the same time. That is the point of a wooden dummy, to allow the individual to attack and defend at the same time.

Iron skills and Chi Na techniques

A serious Kung Fu student should try to master at least one of the Iron Skills. Some core competencies out of this group are Iron Body, Shaolin Iron Palm, and Tiger Iron Palm. These skills exist so an individual could strengthen certain parts of their body or the whole body in the case of Iron Body. Equipment that Kung Fu students use for the acquirement of these skills includes Bags created specifically for individual Iron Skills. They can also be made in a shed, but that increases the chance of injury.

Chi Na techniques in Kung Fu and other martial arts serve to lock an opponent and control them. Equipment used for training of these techniques includes conical stones and grip bags. Brass forearm rings are also tools that can be utilized by they are quite hard to obtain.