We will bring you closer to karate and various Kung Fu styles as well as other exciting martial arts. And also list some pieces of equipment that are essential across those martial arts.


Our mission is…

Using faulty and old equipment in fighting sports is risky, and it can lead to injuries. This shop offers exclusive discounts for all current dojo’s that want to replace their old equipment with brand new gear. Send an email for more info.


To protect fighters from needless injuries is one of our missions. This might be a site of a store but the owners are deeply involved in the world of martial arts, and they know how important a proper protection is.


The goal of this store is to increase the popularity of martial arts sports through heavy marketing of the same. The low price of many of the products is another way in which the store tries to help people and spread the love for martial arts.

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Karate – Japanese martial arts style

Very few karate trainers will admit that Chinese martial arts inspired their fighting style. Karate is a fighting technique derived from Ryukyuan martial arts with a significant influence from Chinese fighting arts, especially Fujian White Crane. A remarkable...

How to choose equipment

Looking at brand names is the best way to select equipment for martial arts. Several prominent manufacturers exist, and their gear is always top quality, and it also has excellent durability. If you take a look at our offer, then you will see that brand equipment isn’t too expensive when compared with cheap copies.

What We Offer.
Martial Arts Shop

You can find all sorts of martial arts equipment in our store Our store sells everything from clothing to dummy weapons. Our shop has long-standing deals with several big equipment manufacturers, and thus this allows the company to reduce the price of their goods and add discounts to many pieces of gear.

You can buy cheaper equipment from other vendors, but that increases the risk of an injury. This is why it’s so important to use the right gear for the training you are undertaking. It might be more expensive than that knock-off gear, but it’s worth every penny.


Why Choose Us

If you want to equip a dojo and start martial arts school because you can order everything from one place. This store also tends to give attractive discounts if you buy in bulk. You will be able to save over thirty percent of money if you decide to order everything through this site. Shipping of all equipment you buy is free which saves you some money.